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The tool every Customer Service needs

Want to know how your customers feel about you? Feel the need to quickly perform service recovery? Then CAF is the perfect tool for your business!


Fully customizable surveys in the language of your choice which is accessible via phones, tablets & desktops

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Easily access the Real-Time Reports & Charts with mobile, tablets & desktops. Be informed of negative feedback instantly empowering your manager to quickly perform service recovery complete overview of performance ratings.

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Easily allow managers to access their outlet reports while allowing HQ users to access all reports

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Our CAF is designed with the features for Desktop / Laptop , Tablets and Mobile Phones for the feedbacks that you would like to hear your Customers.


Allow your customers to provide their valuable reviews and experience in exchange for a loyalty reward.


Using your Tablet gadgets? Fret not, your Customers will be able to provide the reviews via Tablets. It is easy and convenient for them as we would want it to be too.


Implement online feedback reviews and integrate them into CAF Tool. This allows scalability of the features to be use Internationally.



Only Feedback and Surveys? CAF introduces Smart Feedback Analysis

Let CAF do the job for you - whether is it a Positive or Negative Reviews, CAF does the analysis for you so that you only need to click to view what is going on.


Gain real 'Likes' and attention to your Social Media platforms. This increases Customer Loyalty and Awareness too!


Crisis Alert? CAF alerts your Manager when it receives a negative feedback to allow quick response and recovery service.



Detailed Reporting Service

Are you a hands-on type of person? You can generate detailed reports on your own. Otherwise, our experts will be able assist you on the generation of reports.

  • - Detailed charts of graded reviews
  • - Tracking for Key Performance Indicator targets
  • - Many others!


Solutions from big enterprises to small businesses.
We got you covered totally.

Whether you are a small business or department within a large company looking for a bespoke survey tool, or an enterprise that requires scalability and sophistication, we have the solution for you.


State-of-the-art system

Our system makes use of the latest technology to ensure a smooth experience for you. All our apps are hosted on the cloud. This means, a fast and secure access to your system.

Full CMS (Content Management System) for pages and survey

Easily manage your survey content with drag & drop UI. Include interactive images and videos in your surveys.


Full customization of your survey feedback platform. Receive expert support.
We promise to help you along the way.

Our knowledgeable team will help you do-it-yourself or provide full managed services. We listen, we understand, we collaborate and grow with you - to ensure you get the results you wanted.
To discuss your unique business needs just mail us at or call +65 6396 3968